Cleanse package

Looking to give your digestive system a break?

Get new and fresh energy with clean food and green smoothies!
Some of the benefits of clean eating include increased mental clarity and energy levels, improved digestive function, strengthened immune system, normalized body weight, improvement in sleep patterns, balanced PH Levels, cleared complexion, improvement of circulation, lowered blood pressure, balancing of blood sugar levels, and cleansing your colon. Of course, to get all these you need more than one day of clean eating, but it's a great start!

What's Included?

* 2 Salads of your choice (see our salads selection)
* 2 Green smoothies
* 2 Energy bars (all-natural, the finest ingredients, no sugar or rice)
* Digital healthy recipes book with some of our great recipes!

Cleanse Package

What's Included in the Cleanse Package: