Other meals

Green Beans with Tomatoes

The price is for a tray.

Quinoa & Kale Salad

King Kale and queen Quinoa are together to create the perfect salad!

Cauliflower Vegan 'Wings'

Cauliflower can be really 'meaty' sometimes...

Vegan' Cheese' Pie

Almonds 'cheese' at its best.

Tahini Salad

Super delicious Tahini salad!

Red Pepper Salad

A great addition to any meal or sandwich!

Eggplant Salad

Perfect for eggplant lovers!

Beans & Veggies Salad

The price is for a tray.

Carrot Salad

With sweet aroma and taste.

Beets Salad

Beets are low in calories and high on health!

Butternut squash Soup

This super creamy (yet cream-less) butternut squash soup is delicious!

Kale & Coconut soup

Hearty soup that is very healthy and delicious.