Delivery & FAQ

See map below for our delivery areas:

Zone A:
Daily Menu: Orders over $20: FREE. Orders less than $20: Fee of $10.
Catering Menu: Orders over $60: FREE. Orders less than $60: Fee of $15 (must be received 24 hours ahead).

Zone B:
Catering orders only - Orders over $60: FREE. Orders less than $60: Fee of $15 (must be received 24 hours ahead).

* Delivery times for our Daily Menu: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Monday to Friday. Same day orders must be received by 9:30 AM. You may order later than that for a later date.
Catering deliveries: Monday to Friday, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Orders must be received 24 hours before delivery time as we cook everything from scratch.

Office deliveries will be left at reception and residential deliveries will be left on your doorstep if you're not home.

Frequently asked questions:

How does it work? Very simple! You select the food items you like, add them to your cart and on the checkout process you select the desired date for the delivery, together with your address!

Does your food contain any GMO, MSG, refined sugar or preservatives?
NO!!! Our food is clean and healthy and we are very proud of that!

Can I pick up the food?
Sorry but we only offer a delivery service.

When you write "For 1-2 people" what do you mean?
Every person eat different portion; some eat the dish as a side dish and some as a main dish. If you eat it as a side dish, it will probably be enough for 2 people.

Are the ingredients organic?
Most of them are organic; every day we get fresh produce and we do the best we can to get it organic.

Can I warm up the food in the microwave, using your container?
Yes, you can use the microwave to warm up the cooked food (not the salads!), but we strongly recommend that you will use ceramic plates and warm the food in the oven. Please note that you can't warm the container's lid and you can't use our containers in the oven.

Can I order for the entire week or month and still get a daily delivery?
From time to time we offer weekly specials. Check our menu!

Is your kitchen nut-free / seeds-free?
Most of our dishes does not contain nuts and seeds but we do have them in our kitchen so all the food may contain nuts and seeds.

Is your kitchen vegan / vegetarian?
Our kitchen is 99% vegan. The only thing that is not vegan is our salmon dish. We do not use any dairy, meat, eggs, chicken or seafood other than salmon.

Is your kitchen Kosher / Halal?
Since we don't have any meat, chicken, dairy or eggs, we can safely say that our kitchen is completely suitable for Kosher or Halal eaters!  However, we don't have any official certificate from any religious association regards that.

Do I have to order every day?
No! You can order whenever you like! No subscription or membership needed.

How can I contact you?
This is our contact page for all our contact details.