Catering Menu

* Free Delivery for orders over $60 (Delivery area)

* Delivery times: Monday to Friday, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

* Orders must be received 24 hours before delivery time as we cook everything from scratch.

* NO MSG, NO GMO and NO preservatives.

Tomatoes Spaghetti

Kids favorite! (and adults too...)

Spaghetti in Pesto Sauce

A family favorite!

Maple Glazed Baked Salmon

Salmon fillet grilled with our signature maple glaze.

Our Famous Kubbeh Soup

Super delicious vegan Kubbeh soup. You may spell is Kubbeh or Kubah.

Baked Butternut Squash with kale

The price is for a tray.

Red Lentils Soup

One of the best soups in the world!

Eggplant Tagine

Perfect for entertaining.

Turmeric Rice with Edamame

Super Healthy Rice.

Stuffed Vine Leaves (dolmádes)

An authentic Turkish Dolma Recipe.

Baked Potatoes

The perfect comfort food!


Non-GMO tofu with unique spices mix creates a wonderful dish.


Risotto with Mushrooms, Edamame & Green Beans

For Mushrooms Lovers!

Rice with Green Peas

The price is for a tray.

White kidney beans in tomatoes sauce

Rich in protein and fiber, beans helps keep cravings and mood swings away, while protecting from diseases.

Magadheeraa: Rice with lentils

A healthy, delicious and satisfying dish.

Indian Sensation

With a great Indian aroma, this dish will make you satisfied and happy!

Cashew veggie Pie

Rich with tasty veggies and cashew cream (100% vegan - no dairy).

Eggplant Pie

Indulge in a hearty eggplant dish.

Green Smoothie

Delicious blend of kale, apple, parsley and pineapple.

Green Smoothie + Energy Bars Combo

Get 2 powerful foods that will keep you energized & healthy!

Green Magic Salad

For extra energy and great taste!

Zoodles Salad

With a fresh base of mixed green leaves.

Red Magic Salad

Fantastic combination of super foods for super taste!

Jennifer Aniston Salad

With cashew cream (100% vegan, no dairy), this vegan salad is simply amazing!

Colorful Magic Salad

A rainbow of health in one plate!

Queen Quinoa & King Kale

2 powerful super foods in one wonderful salad!

Chickpeas Salad

Delicious & Healthy!

Protein Pack Salad

The ultimate protein pack!

Salad add-ons