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Healthy4u - Healthy and Delicious Meals Delivery in Toronto.

Healthy4u is dedicated to preparing healthy food that is fresh, clean and does not contain GMO, MSG, refined sugar or preservatives. All the food is vegan or vegetarian, with a great variety of colorful veggies, legumes and grains. We make real food that will keep you healthy and strong!

We use mostly organic produce, fresh herbs and wonderful aromatic spices so that we can make an amazing food without the need of artificial Ingredients or refined sugar.  

How does it work? Very simple! You select the food items you like, add them to your cart and on the checkout process you select the desired date and time for the delivery, together with your address! You may check our FAQ page for more information.

Neeva Kedem, Healthy4u's founder, loves to spread the word about healthy food choices and allow people to explore the amazing world of eating healthy. Having great energy levels while enjoying better health is something that everyone deserves, and therefore Neeva took upon herself the mission of bringing healthy food to the world around her and reach as many people as she can.